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Farm Raised Fresh and Cured Meats

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Everything's Delicious Here.

Food Knolling
Fresh Seasoned Cuts and Sausage
Seasoned Cold Meats
Salami and Other Cured Sausages
Coppa, Prosciutto, and Lonzino

Our Farm

Located in the upper Hood River Valley, we raise our animals under the shade of old growth oaks in rich pasture. We specialize in heritage breeds that thrive in forests and open spaces, making this farm an ideal place to raise our animals. We employ rotational pasturing practices, raising the animals in a way that not only produces a slow growing, well marbled meat that is ideal for charcuterie, but also focuses on the health and sustainability of the land.

Hood River Farm Raised


Once our animals are butchered in a French style of complete bone removal, we hand-make our fresh and cured meats using age-old European techniques. Cured meat has a long tradition, spanning generations and various cultures. Meat is beautiful. The plethora of cheap, low-quality meat has skewed the perspective of how valuable and precious meat is. Feed, water, land, and energy go into creating meat, and in many scenarios there is a tremendous disconnect from the natural world and the resources it is able to offer in a sustainable manner. By reconnecting with the origins of meat production through rotational grazing, land health, and holistic animal husbandry, we have tried to connect others to the perspective that food and especially meat should be honored, respected, and appreciated for what it is. 



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