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We hope to create awareness of what people eat. To help folks think and understand before consuming what is in front of them.  The connection to the land, to the farmer, to the animal, and finally to the taste and experience of eating is our main mission. We want to make people experience this and believe in what they are eating. It is not just an incredibly tasty, decadent, mouthful of fats and proteins, it is supporting a perspective, supporting a community, and supporting a livelihood.


Our Farm

Minimizing land erosion and waste impacts in water runoff, our heritage breeds benefit the land as they graze and root in our oak forests. This breed of pigs utilizes the forest floor to forage acorns, leaves, worms, roots and tubers, creating a balanced, healthy, and vigorous pig. A well balanced, active, and healthy animal is the foundation for an ideal carcass, enabling us as butchers to create a delicious and nourishing product. By caring for the land, we are able to provide the ideal growing habitat and environment for our specialty heritage pigs.



Our Crew

We are young farmers, operating on family land to build a life in the Hood River Valley. Surrounded by incredible beauty, as well as a strong community and network of friends and family, we want to provide a product that brings more then an eating experience. We want to provide a connection to the fruits and bounty of the PNW, but more so the opportunities and possibilities present in the Hood River Valley. As food mileage is a distant thought in many peoples dietary choices, we enjoy providing a locally grown, butchered, and processed high quality meat product that people will love to eat, share and enjoy.

By supporting our product you are supporting more then two pig farmers. You are growing the idea and belief that a family can farm and make a living in a sustainable, small scale, land focused farming operation.


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